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Been associated with the meat industry pretty much since starting at a Vocational High school Meat Processing program in 1974. Like to learn and teach interesting and worthwhile livestock production, meat processing and marketing practices.

My Cheaten Ribs

Many of us love the combined aromas of hardwood smoke and rendering pork fat.  Connecting those wonderful smells with the mouth-feel & taste of cooked-tender rib meat routinely creates a very enjoyable eating experience.  And, don’t forget about that coveted smoke-ring; plus those clean pulling bones.  But alas, one has to pay steep a price to reach that point conventionally.  The price includes: an expensive outdoor cooking… Read More »

Fresh Pork Hack

Pork is as high in nutritional value as beef, but much less expensive.  In fact, pork is even higher in niacin than beef.  However, the one qualm that I have with putting pork into home freezer storage is that most retail fresh pork has been injected with a weak salt-water solution, in order to increase cooked product moisture retention.  Hopefully… Read More »

The Next Go-Round

It’s only been two months since I participated in a regional amateur sausage making competition for the first time, but that novel experience has triggered so many thoughts that I’m compelled to get my tentative plan down in writing and published long before next years Kielbasa Cook-Off.  Hopefully, I will still be permitted to enter the 2020 event after voicing my options. I was surprised and a bit concerned… Read More »


10 pounds diced pork shoulder butt 6  medium onions fine diced Optional: 1 TBSP roast sodium phosphate (as opposed to sausage sodium phosphate) 6 1/4 TBPS leaf marjoram 1 2/3 TBSP fine ground black pepper 3 TBSP salt Just enough water to cover everything Cook above listed 7 ingredients in a covered oven roaster at… Read More »

Amateur Sausage Making Competition

I once attended a competitive Barbeque festival and soon decided  that it was mainly geared toward promoting tourism and selling all manner of expensive BBQ paraphernalia.  Indeed there is a certain amount of meat preparation knowledge and skill involved with BBQ, but getting a little smoke on tough cuts; then moist-low heat cooking them long enough to become tender, really isn’t very complicated.  BBQ… Read More »