Commercial Meat Processing

Let Business Flow

  Pictured is about 50 pounds of premium Goetta made using 18 3/4 pounds, combined weight, of boneless enhanced pork shoulder butts and Choice chuck roast.  Heavy fat was trimmed prior to determining the batch meat weight.  Pork and beef were ground once through a 1/2 inch hole size plate so that the meat in finished Goetta appears as being finely shredded…. Read More »

Food-Grade Sodium Phosphate

Food grade sodium phosphate ain’t on the above list. There is nothing that can make someone give up artisan meat processing more quickly than discovering that upon reheating, their previously good tasting pre-cooked products have picked up a stale flavor i.e. Warmed Over Flavor (WOF).  Equally disheartening, this flavor deterioration can literally take place overnight. … Read More »