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U.S. Beef Carcass Grading 102

As seen above, there’s tons of good information readily available about the general rules (Standards) of U.S. Beef Grading.  This post is intended to go deeper into the why and how of the Beef Grading Standard’s development and practical application.  Hopefully this “bigger picture” post will be helpful to some interested people. In current day beef marketing, “needs” are increasingly… Read More »

Pulled-Pork Processes

Rubbing bone-in pork shoulder butts with expensive spices & salt; then later watching much of it drip off the roast’s exterior along with cooking purge is likely the procedure that most often comes to mind when one thinks of home pulled-pork production.  In that scenario, raw meat prep is simple because most modern retail pork butts have already been injected with at least a salt-water… Read More »

Selling more Retail Grade Beef

Continuing efforts to develop new ways of fabricating retail beef cuts are interesting, but may no longer be worthwhile.  As with classic rock & roll music, where there are only so many ear-pleasing rhythmic progressions to be discovered, the vast majority of economically worthwhile beef carcass fabrication techniques have been in common practice for a long time now.  To be… Read More »