Miscellaneous Meats

Barbecue Capitalism

The word barbecue is thought to have been derived from the Spanish word Barbacoa, from back when the Spaniards first observed Caribbean natives slow cooking meat over open fires on raised wooden platforms.  That trial and error practice added both mild smoke flavor and tenderness to some of their otherwise low eating quality local meat.  The different meat cuts from various carcass regions are… Read More »

Specialty Shop Business Plan

Statistically over 90% of all small business start-ups fail; with lack of cash-flow and undercapitalization being the leading causes.  Therefore, most small shop owners can ill afford to make other people’s problems their problem; such as tying themselves to variable product quality whole carcass butchery from animals produced on local hobby farms.  Fresh retail meat cuts can be bought everywhere, including local one-stop shopping mega stores where competitive pricing is… Read More »

Botulism in Meat Risks

I recently commented twice on a post in a 140,000 plus member Facebook BBQ group.  Both times that I did my food safety related comments were promptly deleted by a group administrator; presumably because they ran counter to the beliefs of those holding group territorial authority.  During my life I have witnessed the ever increasing growth of convenience food processing and… Read More »

Cattle, Chattel & Capital

Circa 10,500 years ago humans began envisioning certain animal wealth running wild and so decided to begin domesticating carefully selected species.  Domesticating livestock did away with most hazards of the hunt, saved wasted hunting time and the hard work of packing home dead weight animal parts.  Like sheep and goats of the day, kept cattle also supplied dairy food products.  Other tangible assets of ruminant agriculture included draft work, fiber, sausage casings, natural… Read More »

Death of a Text Book

It seems that for a fairly long period of time now, multiple factors have combined to gradually fade The Meat eat We Eat text book out of modern day meat education. The 14th edition of that once revered book was published back in 2001 and contains 1111 pages.  Between 1943 and 2001 The Meat We Eat was revised into a new edition on an average… Read More »