Meat Grader’s Union

To view some basic data on the Meat Grader’s Union (Click Here). To learn about the decertification process (Click Here). For basic Union organizing/reorganize rules (Click Here).  http://topics.hrhero.com/union-organizing-in-the-united-states/# If you want to read a story about public employee voting rights look up this 2017 Freedom Foundation story:  https://www.freedomfoundation.com/labor/unions-oppose-voting-rights-for-public-employees/?gclid=CjwKCAiA47DTBRAUEiwA4luU2bW8JCRonHUFju3eS2qJ3zfnMQFZ3VJzTI1RiZXzuxoX21b1TZss4xoCtZEQAvD_BwE    

Early Cincinnati’s Lone Wolfer

Worldwide, Wolfer is an uncommon surname.  Interestingly, well over a thousand Cincinnati metropolitan area people can trace their ancestral lineage back to one Johannes Michael Wolfer who arrived alone in that particular river city in 1841 at the age of 23; after leaving  Eschbach, Germany.  Michael’s grave marker lists his birth year as 1820, but baptismal records recovered from Germany… Read More »

John Simon Wolfer & Elizabeth Leuser

This descendent list stops 4 generations after John and Elizabeth.  I had nothing to do with putting it together, but offer a huge THANK YOU to all those who did. John Simon Wolfer 12-15-1857 – 11-20-1932  &  Elizabeth Agnes Leuser 01-28-1858 – 02-26-1936  married on 04-18-1882 and had Juliana Emerence, Ida Barbara, Florenz Robert, Josephine Joanna Clara,… Read More »