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Deer Steak & Jerky

As is the case with domesticated cattle, deer are ruminants able to turn complex carbohydrates into high biological value protein.  This post is aimed at increasing deer consumption; especially during this current prolonged period of record high beef prices.  U.S. slaughter cattle numbers continue to lag behind demand due to a multi-year “perfect storm” of factors that affected bovine production. … Read More »

Deer Processing Good Practices

                                                                                               There is still time to eat frugal and healthy deer products after hunting season arrives this year, if you get one.  Procure a 32 size hand-crank meat grinder and a few basic butchering hand tools.  Build a Wolfer Smoke-Cooker or use your oven for making pre-cooked shredded deer meat for home freezer storage. Bleed-out your deer well ASAP… Read More »