Artisan Meats Reading Ideas


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As with anything else, learning how to make good tasting, healthy and worth-doing meat products takes some time and effort.  And, since we are working with expensive meat protein and some specialized equipment it is good practice to have some idea of what has a high chance of working well.  The following are books I have found to be helpful.

The Meat We Eat.  Now in its 14th edition.  This is the “Bible” of the meat industry.  At 1111 pages it touches on everything from domestic and game butchery to table preparation of meat and meat containing products.

Meat Evaluation Handbook.  161 pages.  Clearly explains all that has been learned about the palatability and carcass yield characteristics of beef, veal, pork and lamb.  Can help one understand why truly grass-finished (not just grass-fed) meat often fails to display excellent palatability characteristics (flavor, tenderness and juiciness).

Principles of Meat Science.  4th edition.  354 pages.  As the title says this book explains the how and why of desirable meat and meat products processing.  Downside: the paperback binding failed quickly.

Processed Meats.  3rd edition.  448 pages.  Explains in detail the further processing of meats into most types of products.  Published in small print; hard for old eyes to read.

Handbook of Meat Processing.  1st edition.  566 pages.  Newest meat book I own.  Multinational contributing authors and tons of references sited.  Covers world-wide types of processed meat and related issues.

There is also a Handbook of Meat and Meat Processing; that I do not own.  I would appreciate if some readers would let everyone know what they think about it.

Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing.  4th edition.  548 pages.  Semi-scientific.  Contains lots of handed-down home recipes.  Hardback binding failed fairly quickly.

There are at least dozens of paperback sausage making books out for sale.  While they may contain some good ingredient combinations (recipes) it is doubtful that any of them will help you gain a firm foundation in meat further processing.