Artisan Meat Processing

Bidenflation Pork Barbeque

Times are tough and quickly getting tougher. Barbeque originated as tough times food that added tremendous value to less desirable/underutilized “end cuts” such as pork shoulder and (at one time) beef brisket. This post is intended to help de-commercialize home smoke-cooked pulled-pork production; by avoiding high priced trendy equipment, gadgets and spice rubs. I waited… Read More »

Baken Goetta

I hesitated for a long time before deciding to send this product freely into cyberspace. The primary reason for the hesitation was that Baken Goetta is a tremendous modern day food item; that I considered producing for sale. Other reasons for the procrastination include: fabricating Baken Goetta is beyond the knife skill level and/or meat… Read More »