Artisan Meat Processing

Baken Goetta

I hesitated for a long time before deciding to send this product freely into cyberspace. The primary reason for the hesitation was that Baken Goetta is a tremendous modern day food item; that I considered producing for sale. Other reasons for the procrastination include: fabricating Baken Goetta is beyond the knife skill level and/or meat… Read More »

BBQ Quick Trick

Inexpensive pork shoulder butt. Subcutaneous fat closely trimmed off and lymph node removed. Medial side closely trimmed of fat. Blade bone, lymph node and trim fat are in bowl. Start taking thick slices off the money muscle/coppa end. Thick cut slices; with most of them cut in half lengthwise. Seasoned with salt & pepper and… Read More »

Half-moon Brisket

The minimal processing of beef brisket, as covered here, brings out the best of the brisket’s three components: closely trimmed flat, closely trimmed point and selected fat trimmings. Besides briskets unique flavor, they are also normally free from any bone-fragments; that one would need to try and find during processing. At $3.50 a pound, it’s… Read More »