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The man who wins is an average man, Not built on any peculiar plan, Not blessed with any peculiar luck; Just steady and earnest and full of pluck.

When asked a question, he does not “guess”, He knows the answer, “No or Yes.”  When set to tasks that the rest can’t do, He buckles down till he’s put it through.

Three things he’s learned: that the man who tries Finds favor in his employer’s eyes; That it pays to know more than one thing well; That it doesn’t pay all he knows to tell.

So he works and waits, till one fine day, There’s a better job with bigger pay, And the men who shirked whenever they could Are bossed by the “man who’s work made good”.

For the man who wins is the man who works, Who neither labor nor trouble shirks, Who uses his hands, his head, his eyes; The man who wins is the man who tries.


While the above quote sounds super motivational, it has nothing at all to do with the factual workings of Government employment.