How-to Atrisan Meat Processing.

artisan meat processing

Will: Where there’s not a will there is no way.

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Keeping and safely using sharp knives:  Good knife skills are fundamental to meat processing as well as many other culinary endeavors.  Basic knife knowledge and practice is all that is required.

Acquiring starting raw meat at economically worthwhile prices:  Even game meat has out-of-pocket costs associated with the hunt.  Like the hunt, mainstream meat shoppers have to know where to look.  Search for bargains at wholesale club stores, small local meat plants or patiently wait for supermarkets to offer desired meat cuts as advertised loss-leaders.  Loss-leaders get more shoppers into store; where they often buy some other full retail mark-up items.


Expensive power processing equipment:  An electric meat grinder is basic to some popular types of meat processing.  However, buying the cheapest model grinder would be ill-advised.  A good quality, small and easy to move grinder could be purchased by 2 or more likeminded individuals that reside close to each other.  The pay back period would be relatively short and savings will continue every time the grinder is used.

Acquiring needed processing supplies at economically worthwhile prices.  These products can be obtained at some large sporting goods stores or from on-line game processing and butcher supply catalogs.  Compare prices as well as shipping costs; while only purchasing what is truly required.  Much of what is offered for sale at these businesses does not make economic sense to buy.

No time:  Weekends, especially winter weekends, are good times to fill one’s freezer with healthy convenience items that can be consumed during the coming months.  No one takes care of your business like you can.  In the long run you may give up more than just money by continuously consuming what the mainstream convenience market has to offer.

I’m thinking about becoming a vegetarian:  Humans are born omnivorous.  Animal flesh contains everything we need to build and maintain our flesh; we can not synthesize essential amino acids.  Excess protein can be used as an energy source, but excess carbohydrates will not build or maintain muscle and some other body tissues.

A possible further plus of artisan meat processing is that retail establishments selling onsite produced items, which are not intended to be resold, are exempt from Federal and State Meat Inspection.  Local Boards of Health have Jurisdiction.