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Holidays P&B Sustainability Effort

The Christmas and New Years Holiday period is normally the big time of year that I practice frugal home processing; to produce delicious meat items for family and friends.  Not being one to waste, I try hard to use nearly all purchased meat.  My wife & I are hosting the extended family Christmas party and brisket was decided upon as one of the two… Read More »

Home Hog Processing

As stated in the sister post to this one (Hobbyist Hog Harvest), when processing meat without the aid of refrigerated facilities, outdoor temperatures become a most important consideration to assure best possible product results.  The hogs were chilled and cut within a 2 day window of high 20’s to high 30’s F. temperatures.  Cold-shortening or thaw-rigor (do a computer search for these terms, if need be) should… Read More »

How-to Atrisan Meat Processing.

Will: Where there’s not a will there is no way. Keeping and safely using sharp knives:  Good knife skills are fundamental to meat processing as well as many other culinary endeavors.  Basic knife knowledge and practice is all that is required. Acquiring starting raw meat at economically worthwhile prices:  Even game meat has out-of-pocket costs associated… Read More »

Dry-cured Meats other than Jerky

                                            The art and modern science of producing thick dry-cured meats predates the advent of refrigeration as a means of preserving an abundance of late Autumn farm raised meat.  It was once good practice to harvest some hogs and cattle at the on-set of cold weather while the animals were young and still in good flesh.  As… Read More »