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Cattle, Chattel & Capital

Circa 10,500 years ago humans began envisioning certain animal wealth running wild and so decided to begin domesticating carefully selected species.  Domesticating livestock did away with most hazards of the hunt, saved wasted hunting time and the hard work of packing home dead weight animal parts.  Like sheep and goats of the day, kept cattle also supplied dairy food products.  Other tangible assets of ruminant agriculture included draft work, fiber, sausage casings, natural… Read More »

Cows & other Cattle

                                                                                       Why don’t most people call all hogs sows or all sheep ewes?  In the case of hogs female breeding stock is generally out of sight in barns or barnyards.  Ewes are out roaming the range, but since the lamb/mutton industry in the US is a tiny fraction the size of either the pork or… Read More »